Friday, August 12, 2022

Wolf's Man is an Audiobook!

Wolf's Man: First in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series to Become an Audiobook


Wolf's Man Audio Book cover

As promised, I am publishing the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series as audiobooks. 

The first one, Wolf's Man, is now available on Amazon, Audible US, and Audible DE. It will soon be available on Audible UK, Audible FR, and iTunes. When it's available on iTunes, open your app and search for Lynn Nodima. 

Brian A. Powell and his wife Warittha S. Powell are the narrators. They did a wonderful job with Wolf's Man and have agreed to narrate Wolf's Claim. Their narration just feels right. Brian captures Nate perfectly. He is the main narrator and voices all the male voices. Warittha voices all the female lines and makes a great Janelle. They make a great team.

Other News

August 20, the boxset collection of the first three books in the Tala Ridge Shifter series, titled Tala Ridge Shifters Collection 1, will be for sale. It's up for pre-order now and will deliver on August 20.

The first book in the Tala Ridge Shifters series, Tala Ridge Alpha, will publish as an audiobook soon. The narration is all recorded. We are waiting for ACX's approval of the files. It will be available soon. Cara Firestone, who narrated Tala Ridge Alpha, has agreed to narrate the rest of the Tala Ridge Shifters series and has already begun recording chapters of Tala Ridge Storm.

Cara recorded the first two books in my Billionaire Brothers series, Holiday Rescue and Not For Sale. She does excellent work. She has recorded dozens of books by other authors, everything from cookbooks to self-help to fiction.

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