Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series has a Facebook Page

Lynn Nodima's Texas Tanch Wolf Pack Series Facebook Page

UPDATE: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series also has new covers!

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Facebook Page

March 2020 Update

All 12 books are complete and available in Kindle Unlimited!

Original Post

I am so excited!

I just created my Facebook page for the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

Come by for a visit, stay for a chat. I would love to hear what you think of the series.


Get Caught Up on the Series!

Book 1: Wolf's Man
Book 2: Wolf's Claim
Book 3: Wolf's Mission
Book 4: Wolf's Huntsman
Book 5: Wolf's Reign (Coming Soon!)


  1. The Texas Wolf Pack Series is great! Where will you go in the third novella?

    1. Thank you! In the third novella, Nate and Eli rescue a were secret agent from the Huntsmen, an organization dedicated to wiping out were

  2. Love the covers!