Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wolf's Mission Update: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Book 3

Wolf's Mission Update


Evening July 13: I finished the first draft today! After I reread for accuracy, spelling, and grammar, it goes to my beta reader and editor for the first run through tomorrow. I will have this published on or before August 1!

I finished chapter 27 last night. According to the minimal outline I have, I still need to write two chapters before calling the first draft complete.

This series is still so much fun to write. I love being a discovery writer and learning more about the characters and their lives as I go. I know some writers prefer to have a fully fleshed outline before writing, and I applaud them. Wish I could write that way. But, as even this book shows, my characters decide to jump in and tell their stories the way they want them told, regardless what I think.

In Wolf's Claim, for instance, there is a walk-on character. I thought she and her family were just to show how bad another character was and make him less sympathetic to the reader. Nope. She was only mentioned in Wolf's Claim. In Wolf's Mission, there is a complete chapter devoted to her and the change in dynamic that her presence brings to the pack.

The closer I get to finishing this part of the story, the more I look forward to writing the next segment. 

Back to work.


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