Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Writers: Ping That Blog

Ping Your Blog

Why You Should Ping Your Blog

Pinging your blog posts helps Google and other search engines find your page. It's almost like sending a newsflash to the local television station when you have a newsworthy event. Adding a page to your blog, or updating an old post, are newsworthy events in the world of blogging. You need to let the search engines know the new content, or revised content, is available so they will crawl your page and index it.

Indexing your site allows Google to locate your page when a user types in a key term or key phrase search parameter, such as 'werewolf romances.' If my page has content about werewolf romances, it will be returned in the search. Where it is returned depends on a lot of factors, including how well you selected and used your key terms (a totally different topic).

When you are trying to get your site to rank higher or have more visitors, you should also leave comments on other blogs. After the comment is approved, if it doesn't show right away, ping that page, too. You are helping search engines find links back to your pages, and helping the blog you commented on, too.

Need more information? How and Why to Ping Your Blog is a good article to learn more.


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